caracas: Computer Algebra in R via SymPy

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the release of caracas version 1.0.1 to CRAN ( The package enables user to make computer algebra from R using the Python library SymPy. You can now install the caracas package as follows: install.packages("caracas") And then load it by: library(caracas) The source code and the development version is available at Online documentation (of the development version) can be found at https://r-cas.

Shiny apps with math exercises

It is often very useful to practise mathematics by automatically generated exercises. One approach is multiple choice quizzes (MCQ), but it turns out to be fairly difficult to generate authentic wrong answers. Instead, we want the user to input the answer and be able to parse the answer and check whether this is the correct answer. There are many fun challenges in this, e.g. to verify that 2 is equal to 1 + 1 (as text strings the two are different, but mathematically they are equal, at least to a convenient approximation in this case).